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June 16, 2021 / Research

CCS Scientific Director George Mashour publishes new paper in eLife that examines how the brain recovers from unconsciousness after anesthesia

Understanding how the brain recovers from unconsciousness can inform neurobiological theories of consciousness and guide clinical investigation.
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June 16, 2021 / Research

CCS faculty publish article in Cell Reports on the gate of consciousness

Conscious access to sensory information is likely gated at an intermediate site between primary sensory and transmodal association cortices, but the structure responsible remains unknown.
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April 30, 2021 / Education

Neuroscience of Consciousness Course Fall 2021

NEUROSCI 704 - Course Description: The nature and the neural basis of consciousness is a foundational question in neuroscience. As...
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Dinesh Pal, PhD
April 28, 2021 / Featured

Dinesh Pal, Ph.D., receives New Investigator Award from American Physiological Society

CCS researcher Dinesh Pal, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology and Department of Molecular & Integrative Physiology has received the American...
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April 28, 2021 / Current News

Asymmetric Neural Dynamics article published in Neuroimage by CCS Faculty

Anesthetics are known to disrupt neural interactions in cortical and subcortical brain circuits. While the effect of anesthetic drugs on...
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April 12, 2021 / Research

Four-year 1.4M grant award by NIH/NIGMS to PI Dr. Tony Hudetz to continue studying the neural mechanism by which general anesthetics modulate consciousness.

The overall goal of this research project is to investigate local neuronal mechanisms in the cerebral cortex associated with complex,...
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March 31, 2021 / Current News

CCS faculty publish article on neural correlates of shamanic state of consciousness

Shamanic trance is an altered state of consciousness used by shamanic practitioners to glean information to be used for the...
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August 10, 2020 / Current News

Dr. Zirui Huang of the CCS publishes new high-profile article

Rest-task modulation of fMRI-derived global signal topography is mediated by transient coactivation patterns Recent resting-state fMRI studies have shown that...
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April 16, 2020 / Current News

CCS Symposium: Near Death Experiences

Summer 2021 - Date TBD
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