Four-year 1.4M grant award by NIH/NIGMS to PI Dr. Tony Hudetz to continue studying the neural mechanism by which general anesthetics modulate consciousness.

The overall goal of this research project is to investigate local neuronal mechanisms in the cerebral cortex associated with complex, natural sensory experience and to determine how general anesthetics may alter sensory-specific contents of consciousness. Our general hypothesis is that anesthetic modulation of consciousness is closely tied to the modification of specific spatiotemporal patterns of…

Dr. Kamran Diba was awarded a multi-PI R01 grant, with co-PI Dr. Edwin (Ted) Abel at the University of Iowa, from NIMH.

This is a collaborative effort to investigate the “Molecular, cellular and circuit effects of sleep deprivation on hippocampal function” from multiple angles. A key part of this project will involve measurements and analyses in Dr. Diba’s lab of large-scale neuronal firing patterns in the hippocampus during memory acquisition and consolidation in waking and sleep, in…

Dr. Anthony G. Hudetz, was awarded an R01 grant by the National Institute of General Medical Science of NIH to study the system-level neural mechanisms of anesthetic-induced unconsciousness.

Dr. Hudetz and his team will use functional magnetic resonance imaging to test the hypothesis that healthy human participants may be able to willfully engage in task-related mental imagery when sedated to the point of behavioral unresponsiveness and will seek to find a causal link between the state of intrinsic brain activity and volitional mental…

2017- Dr. Dinesh Pal, CCS faculty and Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology, has been awarded a new R01 from the National Institutes of Health to study the mechanistic underpinnings of the interactions between sleep homeostasis and sedation

Dr. Pal will employ sophisticated techniques including high-density EEG in rodents and multi-neuroanalyte monitoring using mass spectrometry to answer a fundamental question: if and how sedatives can provide a sleep-like state. CCS director, Dr. Mashour is a co-investigator on the grant.

2017- CCS faculty receive new NIH funding to study the role of the hypothalamus in level of consciousness

Dr. Giancarlo Vanini will work with his co-PI, George Mashour, and other faculty in the Center for Consciousness Science to understand how sleep-promoting regions in the hypothalamus regulate the entry into and exit from the anesthetized state. Using cutting-edge chemogenetic techniques, they will also explore how these subcortical nuclei alter cortical connectivity and dynamics.