The Center for Consciousness Science (CCS) conducts studies across the translational spectrum, from computational brain models, to experiments in animals, to studies of healthy humans, to clinical trials in patients.

Furthermore, our basic science research program includes neural circuit manipulation through pharmacological, electrical stimulation, chemogenetic, and optogenetic techniques. The CCS has deep expertise in analyses involving graph theory, advanced functional connectivity measures, and neural dynamics. We are fortunate to have robust support from the National Institutes of Health and have had major grants from the James S. McDonnell Foundation.

Latest Research News

CCS Scientific Director George Mashour publishes new paper in eLife that examines how the brain recovers from unconsciousness after anesthesia

Understanding how the brain recovers from unconsciousness can inform neurobiological theories of consciousness and guide clinical investigation.
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CCS faculty publish article in Cell Reports on the gate of consciousness

Conscious access to sensory information is likely gated at an intermediate site between primary sensory and transmodal association cortices, but the structure responsible remains unknown.
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Four-year 1.4M grant award by NIH/NIGMS to PI Dr. Tony Hudetz to continue studying the neural mechanism by which general anesthetics modulate consciousness.

The overall goal of this research project is to investigate local neuronal mechanisms in the cerebral cortex associated with complex,...
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Drs. George Mashour and Dinesh Pal were recently awarded an NIH R01 to study the role of the prefrontal cortex in arousal states

These studies will yield fundamental mechanistic knowledge of the neural pathways involved in arousal and recovery of consciousness, and will...
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Recent Publications

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